About Siggy and Flori

Written for children aged 4-8, Siggy and Flori is about two signs on a very busy street. Although most adults have forgotten this, children know that signs are like animals and all sorts of objects who can talk to each other and share feelings! There are quiet signs and talkative ones, happy signs and sda ones. In this story Siggy is always grumpy and never happy. He advertises cigarettes. Flori is always happy and loves her work. She advertises a florist shop.

Why I Wrote It

I wrote the Siggy and Flori because I want all children to know that smoke is harmful but a happy spirit leads to a healthy life. My father’s father had cancer from smoking. As a dad I wanted to write an age-appropriate story that emphasised positive choices and a healthy lifestyle.

Who Likes It?

Children love it when grumpy Siggy meets a little puppy and Flori makes a new friend! What a breath of fresh air Fred is! Siggy and Flori is loved by young children who enjoy the drama of Siggy’s demise and hint of romance and happily ever after. It has been purchased by hundreds of Australian schools and comes with a teacher’s resource.

“My kindy class really enjoyed this bright, colourful little story about Siggy and Flori. It was a great springboard for discussion about important issues such as the dangers of cigarette use, the effect of positive and negative attitudes and how to stay healthy and happy.” Coralie Fraser, Avondale Primary School

Where Can I Get It?

Siggy and Flori is self-published and can be purchased directly from me! Send me a letter or email!

Brad Watson
10 Scribbly Gum Cr
Cooranbong, NSW
2265, Australia.

[email protected]