About Finding David

Written for teenagers aged 12-16, Finding David is about a new boy in School.
David doesn't want to be the ‘newbie’ but he doesn’t exactly have a choice! With a family secret to hide, he has to settle into a new school, make new friends, deal with new enemies, convince a very attractive girl to go out with him, and forgive God for allowing something terrible to happen. Along the way he finds himself in a boy’s mentoring program (RiskMEN) and a surfing contest with HUGE waves.

Why I Wrote It

I wrote Finding David because I once ran a boys mentoring program called RiskMEN. More than a few of the misadventures actually happened to me- like Deathball where David is tackled by a mob! Or where David humiliates himself by falling off his bike in front of two good-looking girls.

Who Likes It?

My biggest fans are teenage boys who like books high on adventure. Teachers in upper primary and lower secondary like it because it has a teaching resource and it is part of curriculum in some Christian schools. Surprisingly for me, a lot of girls seem to like it too because David’s sister is really complicated and his girlfriend is amazing.

“Hi Brad, I loved your first book "Finding David" I just bought it recently. It is my favourite book now! I couldn't put it down!”
From Jarod (age 12)

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book and would read it over and over and over again. If you can, please send me a copy of your book to this address...” Ben (age 14)

“It was like real life...most of the time it was funny... in most chapters it had me on the edge...” Jake (age 14)

“For the past two years, my Year 12 non-uni entrance English class has
studied Finding David. There is plenty of action for the boys and it
is just the right length for those who proudly acknowledge that they
have never read a book before. I like the non-preachy way of getting
some excellent points across and love the discussions that reading the
book engenders.” Denise (Carmel College)

Where Can I Get It?

Finding David is published by Signs Publishing Company (Australia) and is available as an ebook (Amazon) or in hard copy at Koorong, Adventist Book Centres (Australia) and Pacific Press (USA).

Chapter Sample

Chapter 1