About David’s Triumph

“David plunged downward, unable to process the whirling blur of rock and sky. He came to a juddering halt, wedged between the canyon wall and a boulder that was as tall as him. David groaned as he glanced down. Several metres below him, the water-swept floor of the cavern glistened in the dark. If he slipped, he would plummet headfirst onto the unforgiving rock. David felt himself slipping and tried to brace
himself, as searing pain spread through his left shoulder.”

Things were looking up for David—his family was back together, he had great friends and a new, beautiful girl was on the scene. But all of that was about to change!

As the final book in the series, David’s journey comes to an end here. Adrenalin junkies will get a buzz out of canyoning adventures in the Blue Mountains and David’s amazing performance in a triathalon.

Why I Wrote It

I wrote the book because I wanted to finish David’s story with an epic challenge and a reminder to never, ever give up. In this book David has to make some tough decisions, like choosing between two girls, standing up for a friend who is bullied, and deciding to stick with a mate who is experimenting with alcohol. Mostly, he has to decide how to make peace with himself as tragedy strikes his family.

Who Likes It?

David’s Triumph is already a hit. Here are just two reader comments:

“I have just finished the book! It is great. Everything in it was excellent the whole part of him going in the triathlon and the canyon also getting baptised… It made it hard for me to put the book down at night because I couldn't stop reading it, I wanted to know more of what happened..” Bailey

“The books great! I finished it and couldn't wait to tell my friends how good it is and that they should start reading it…. When I was reading the book I didn't want to put it down; so much so that Mum had to get me out of bed one morning because I was still reading the book. The book is great!" Tyler

Where Can I Get It?

David’s Triumph is coming in September 2018!