About David’s Revenge

As the second in a series of three books for teenagers aged 12-16, David’s Revenge starts with practical joking on a bush-walk and a terrifying fire that sweeps though the Blue Mountains National Park in Australia. After a rescue and near-death experience, David sets out to solve a disturbing mystery and finds himself competing in a downhill bike riding competition with high stakes.

Why I Wrote It

I wrote David’s Revenge because I wanted to share the importance of living with integrity and acknowledging God’s grace. David is like I was in high school. He’s not very impressed with church but something happens that starts to change everything! And strangely, it’s not really about revenge after all!

Who Likes It?

David’s revenge has lots of action and readers tell me it is even more exciting than the first book. Trialled by year 9 students in three schools, it appeals to teenagers who like a mix of adventure, romance and real-life issues confronting teenagers.

“Awesome!” “Easy to Read.” “Cool.” “Funny.” “Interesting.” “Made me cry!” “My favourite Christian Novel!” “Real to life.” “I loved it!” (Year 9 student comments)

Where Can I Get It?

David’s Revenge is published by Signs Publishing Company (Australia) and is available as an ebook (Amazon) or in hard copy via Koorong, Adventist Book Centres (Australia) and Pacific Press (USA).

Chapter Sample

Chapter 1