About Child Sponsorship: Exploring Pathways to a Brighter Future

Ok, ok- comparing this book to the other ones on my website really does show how much of an absent-minded professor I am. This is an academic text published by Palgrave Macmillan UK. As the first international text on Child Sponsorship, it is a scholarly work! You may have heard of World Vision, Compassion, PLAN, and Save the Children. I was able to work with all those organisations when we wrote this book.

Why I Wrote It

I edited Child Sponsorship with Professor Matthew Clarke when I was researching my PhD. It was eye-opening when I realised that there was no book on something that had impacted millions of orphaned, poor or displaced children around the world. I have sponsored about 5 children myself and know of people who have sponsored up to 100!

Who Likes It?

Because it is a scholarly book, for most readers it is really boring! But for people interested in learning more about Child Sponsorship it is really, really interesting! Warning! This book could seriously put the average teenager to sleep in 10 minutes! That’s strange because it kept me awake late at night for over a year!

“Considering its vast popularity it is more than striking that CS has not been paid much attention by scholars in various areas of research. Since it is the first volume focussing exclusively on CS, the book is a significant contribution to the discourse of CS.” Wagener, M (2014) International Journal of Development Education & Gobal Learning vol 6, no 3, p.83

Where Can I Get It?

Child Sponsorship: Exploring Pathways for a Brighter Future is available from Palgrave Macmillan in hard-cover and as an ebook. It is non-fiction and ideal for use in universities and for staff or company directors who run child sponsorship organisations.