About Me

Interesting Facts

I like mountain biking…

I love surfing but have a fear of water…

I tell my wife that handsome men don’t need hair…

A blind boy in India laughed at me and said I have a big nose…

I drive my family ‘nuts’ because I daydream a lot and don’t listen so well…

I have a degree, two Masters degrees and a PhD- How on earth did that happen?

I really wish we could be kinder to other people and the environment!

High Points Of My Life

Being born in Newcastle, Australia!

Winning a 100m sprint in primary school.

Living on an Airforce Base during my high school years.

Volunteering with refugees in Africa when I was twenty-one.

Falling in love, getting married & having three great kids.

Travelling for three months in India with my family.

Running a boy’s mentoring program.

Learning how to surf.

Writing new books.

Low Points Of My Life

Repeating grade one. Really! I did!

Being told I was a day-dreamer in primary school.

Arguing with my dad way too much when I was growing up.

Being told by a high school math teacher that I’d never amount to much.

Running away to Papua New Guinea after I proposed to my wife.

Breaking my shoulder on a canyoning trip.


I’m definitely a bit of an ‘absent-minded professor’ and currently lecture at Avondale College of Higher Education near Lake Macquarie, Australia. At the moment I’m writing another book for teenagers, and a love story for my wife and daughter.

Favourite Writing Quote

“Being a good writer is 5% talent, 45% hard work and 50% not being distracted by the Internet.” (Anonymous)

“The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” -Stephen King

“If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.” -Peter Handke